Forest mushrooms Five 1st class stamps - Teemu Järvi Illustrations

Forest mushrooms

Five 1st class stamps

The stamps feature various sought-after Finnish forest mushrooms: the chanterelle, russula paludosa, craterellus cornucopioides, lactarius deterrimus and tricholoma matsutake i.e. matsutake. Posti has designed a booklet of five 1st class stamps in close collaboration with Sieni-ihmiset ry (the association of mushroom enthusiasts). The designers of the stamps are the legendary graphic designer Erik Bruun, graphic designer Minni Havas, who has a photorealistic style, designer Teemu Järvi, who specializes in nature themes, Sakke Yrjölä, who is known for his fish illustrations, and painter Tiina Suikkanen. The grafic design for the stamp booklet is by Dog Design. 

Price/Unit 6.00 EUR

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