Raging Ravens Poster - Teemu Järvi Illustrations

Raging Ravens


The Fighting Capercaillies, painted by Ferdinand von Wright in 1886, depicts a pair of wood grouses in a fierce duel in a hazy forest clearing. It is the most loved animal themed Finnish painting. But dueling is not the sole right of the wood grouses. Many wild creatures in our forests and lakes do battle with each other. Honoring the work of the old master von Wright, the Tribute Series posters bring forth new dueling pairs. For each poster sold five euros will be donated to nature conservation. The chosen charity of the first Tribute Series poster - Raging Ravens - is The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation.

Offset printed on 150 g uncoated off-white paper. Archival quality, FSC certified– The mark of responsible forestry. Poster size is 100 x 70 cm.

Price/Unit 49.00 EUR

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